Blended Learning Model

The program modules are conducted through a combination of e-learning sessions (both real time and on demand), face to face learning workshops with industry experts and through an online peer group discussion platform.

Experiential Learning Pedagogy

Each program is based on the premise of learning from experiences with an attitude of constant improvement. This is done through the problem solving based approach and experiential learning methods.

Get Recognized as Future Leader

The Career Accelerator program is specially designed for future leaders. After meeting the base eligibility criteria the program jury decides if the applicant gets accepted or not. Once an applicant gets selected, he/she will be recognized clearly as an high potential employee and a future leader within the organization.


Peer to Peer Learning

One of the key construct of each Career Accelerator program is the diversity and richness of pedigree of each participating fellow. We believe if the right group is formed the learning takes place in an multidimensional mode.

Engaging Industry Experts

Each program is designed by a core designed group which comprises of functional experts from India’s corporate community who are driven by the sense of social development and building competencies in Young India. The learning sessions are delivered by senior professionals from industry who are experts in the respective area of work.

Develop Key Competencies

Focus of each program is to ensure each participant is able to understand and realise their true potential and become a specialist in the chosen competency. This is done through the problem solving based pedagogy and experiential learning methods.