Program for Talent Acquisition Professionals

Employers worldwide agree that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the right talent needed to fuel organisational growth and sustainability. Friction points in supply and demand and shifting skills sets will call for a radical rethinking of how companies source and deploy talent and work. The future of workplace is fast evolving and is getting impacted by multi-dimensional changes including changing work force demographics, quality of talent pool, competitive compensation structures, technology enablement and social media engagement. Organisation need to develop blended talent acquisition strategies to attract and hire top candidates — creating sourcing plans that include social media and employer branding. HR Leaders have to find recruitment technology not only to reach candidates but also to assess and provide analytics on those candidates.


At the Workplace 2020: HR Leaders roundtable in Jan 2014, it was discussed that the role of TA professionals is evolving rapidly and has grown to become one of the most critical roles in the organization. This career accelerator program for TA professionals is focused on enabling young professionals in becoming ready for the future of workplace.
This will be a 8-12 weeks program and will be delivered with a blend of technology and in person session by some of India’s leading professionals in human resources. The program will cover the following topics under the talent acquisition area:


 Program Coverage

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